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Warning Signs Your Shoes Are Worn Out

Warning Signs Your Shoes Are Worn Out

Eventually, you have to give up on your worn-out shoes. Old shoes can cause foot problems, many of which can be remedied simply by getting new shoes. 

At Foot + Ankle Specialty Centers, we know there are things you can do to prevent foot issues. One of these is to wear comfortable and supportive shoes that haven’t worn out their welcome. 

Payam Sarraf, DPMKate Kennedy, DPMKaty Statler, DPMAndrew Goodeill, DPMChristopher Van Damme, DPMAmelia Harris, DPM, and Sina Safar, DPM offer helpful advice and appointments at each of our six Arizona locations to keep your feet healthy. 

Problems with worn-out shoes 

Old shoes can’t provide enough support. Sure, it can be difficult to break in a new pair of shoes — not to mention expensive. But it’s essential to replace your shoes once they’ve worn out. 

A good rule is to replace your shoes every 300-500 miles you walk. But there are other signs to watch for as well. In the next section, we review the warning signs of worn-out shoes.

5 signs your shoes are worn out 

1. The midsole is lined

Look at the side of the shoe and gauge the health of the midsole. Search for lines or wrinkles. If you notice these, it’s time to get new shoes. 

2. They have started to warp

If you notice your shoes are starting to warp to the shape of your foot, it’s time to look for a new pair. For example, people with flatfeet may see the arches of their shoes bow outward. That is because the way they walk has compromised the support their shoes provide.

3. The bottoms are smooth

Quality running shoes — and even regular sneakers — should have patterned soles. That makes it easier for them to grip the ground beneath you to create friction that protects your feet from the shock of hitting the ground. If your soles have rubbed smooth, you should look for a new pair.

4. They don’t pass the test

There are two tests to see if your shoes are still good. One is the twist test, where you hold the shoe at either end and twist. If it twists easily, this means it’s no good. 

The other test is to put them on and bounce up and down slightly. If you can feel the bounce in your soles, they're probably still good. But if the shoe doesn’t bounce with you, it’s time to say goodbye.

5. You feel pain

Pain is how the body tells you something is wrong. If your feet hurt when walking in your old shoes, you should get another pair. It’s also common to experience foot problems if you’re consistently wearing old shoes, such as: 

Let go of worn-out shoes

It can be hard to say goodbye, but it’s better to give up worn-out shoes and get ones that protect your feet. If you’d like to discuss foot care, we have six clinics in Arizona. Just make an appointment online or call now.

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