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More than 23,000 Americans need medical treatment for ankle sprains each day. Because sprained ankles affect both athletes and nonathletes, the leading podiatrists at Foot + Ankle Specialty Centers provide personalized care to help you quickly recover and regain strength. If you have an ankle sprain, contact the Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa or Phoenix, Arizona, clinic locations for an evaluation. You can book either online or over the phone.

Ankle Sprains Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

What is an ankle sprain?

Your ankle joint not only allows you to bend and flex your foot with each step you take, it also absorbs a tremendous amount of shock while doing so. Simply landing too hard, or even twisting or rolling your ankle, can overstretch the fibrous ligaments that bind your ankle together.

When these ligaments become overstretched, torn, or ruptured, your ankle is commonly referred to as “sprained.” Because a sprain can often mimic the signs of a fracture, it’s important to have your ankle evaluated as soon as your injury occurs. 

When should I see a doctor for an ankle sprain?

The team of skilled podiatrists at Foot + Ankle Specialty Centers encourages you to come in for a sprained ankle evaluation if you felt or heard a “pop” during a sporting event or trauma, such as a slip and fall. It’s especially important to book an evaluation if you experience:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Inflammation 
  • Joint instability
  • Limited range of motion

Your dedicated podiatrist examines your injured ankle and can look at any essential in-office X-rays or ultrasound images. Once your podiatrist determines the severity of your ankle sprain, they can talk with you about treatment options. 

Which ankle sprain treatment do I need?

Your ankle sprain treatment plan from Foot + Ankle Specialty Centers includes several different solutions that are designed to help you heal, relieve pain, and of course, regain ankle strength and flexibility. Initially, treating an ankle sprain involves:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE)
  • Immobilization with a cast or walking boot

As pain and swelling continue to improve, your podiatrist starts having you perform daily range of motion and balance training exercises. You may also need ongoing physical therapy to help you heal and prevent any ongoing ankle instability issues. 

While less common, sometimes a severe ankle sprain or complete tear requires surgery. The expert practitioners at Foot + Ankle Specialty Centers use minimally invasive measures to repair your ligament that won’t heal and can even reconstruct your ankle ligament through an advanced grafting procedure. 

Click on the online scheduler to book your ankle sprain evaluation at Foot + Ankle Specialty Centers today. You can also call your most convenient office directly. 

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